Krakow drives us crackers… 

Admittedly, this is probably the least prepared we have been for a trip, packing the night before is a definite no go! However, knowing airports like the back of our hands now, we knew that with our passports and some money that we’d be at least half ok. After eventually throwing some clothes together we set off at 5am to head for our train to Stanstead Airport. Arriving in good time we proceeded through security and to our gate, heading onto the plane Abi immediately noted that she was sat infront of a young kid, which on a short flight isn’t too bad but waking up an hour into the flight with the kids’ hands all over Abis’ face wasn’t something she enjoyed! Shrugging it off we went back to sleep and arrived in Krakow Airport at 12 noon. 

Leaving the airport we spent over an hour looking for our transfer pick-up location to no success! After asking people at the information desk 4 times, all of which told us different places or that they haven’t heard of the company, we decided to give the company a call… With much difficulty we managed to notify them that we were running late and that we couldn’t find the pick-up point, or so I thought… The reply I got was that the driver was at the hotel and was 40 minutes late and it would be ok for us to just wait. Already feeling anxious about how the transfer had gone so far we opted for a taxi to take us to our hotel. So 2 hours after our planned time, we eventually arrived at Best Western Hotel Efekt Express! 
First impressions of the hotel are great, our room is spacious but minimal which is perfect for a little getaway where most of your time is spent outside and exploring rather than within the hotel grounds. Also, the hotel next door has a swimming pool which we can use so of course, it’s great! Abi and I got checked in with no hassle and unpacked only to realise that we had forgotten our EU plug socket adapters! Only us… Luckily we managed to borrow a couple from the hotel reception, so again, credit to the hotel! 

The highlight of the day however came around 4pm when we arrived in the Main Square of Krakow which really does boast some beautiful architecture! We stopped for some lunch and a quick drink which led us into the early evening with some entertainment from break dancing 40 year olds! We also purchased some postcards as these are always cheap and cheerful, plus we’ve made a collection of these from where we have travelled so we grab them whenever and wherever we can!

Due to our hotel being an hours walk from the Main Square, we began to head back before sundown however we definitely intend to go back to the Main Square at night time as we’ve been told that it is magical! 

Tomorrow we are looking into going to the salt mines and exploring Krakow in greater detail, stay tuned! 

Elbitravels x


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