Birthday Bash in Brighton

Heading towards the UKs’ gay capital, Abi and I were excited to see what Brighton had in store for us! We arrived and quickly realised how accessible Brighton is; you literally take a straight line down to the pier from the station so for public transport users, this really is an ideal location and of course, there is tons to do! First on our list was the BAi360 moving platform.

We booked our experience via their website which also including 12% saving when booking with Sea Life as well, so obviously we opted to do both for £25 each. The BAi360 certainly is unmissable, once you’ve arrived on the main road along the seafront, just look up. It’s there! Climbing to 450ft with 360 degree views for up to 26 miles, the viewing pod truly is a remarkable experience. Although lasting only 25 minutes, this is plenty of time to get those perfect photos, I imagine at sunset the views are astounding! In celebration of Abis’ 21st birthday, of course we enjoyed a glass of champagne at the top!

Descending down it was funny to watch ants turn into people but back at ground level, we had some exploring to do! We decided to head towards the pier to grab lunch! We soon filled our bellies, choosing the classic fish and chips we sat watching the sea whilst soaking in the overdue British sun! Although being in a very popular tourist area, we only paid £15 for fish & chips twice and 2 bottled drinks. Leaving our scraps, we took a trip over the road to Sea Life.

Walking up to the entrance was quite funny because Abi had read that this attraction was rated one of the top 10 in England so we were quite excited and getting closer we joked that it looked tiny and with my track record on Abis’ birthdays, I know that we were both expecting that there were to be a glitch somewhere throughout the day! However, as we got closer to the entrance we realised that the building is actually submerged underground. A little sweetness to knowing it’s “underwater!” We went through the photograph stage and dived straight into our experience!

From funny-looking, googly-eyed funky things to creepy crawling crabby creatures, Sea Life Brighton does a brilliant job at boasting some great animals. It also homes 2 giant turtles which share a tank with sharks and rays, an amazing viewing area and a glass bottom boat experience for £4 per person. As we came through the claws section we decided to head straight out as it looked as if it was schools day out for all! With tourism booming, we weren’t sticking around in the sticky heat with crying kids but with all day entrance… Who cares?! We knew we could go back anytime to get the best experience for us.

Abi and I had 2 things on our list which we NEEDED to have; ice-cream and warm doughnuts… Number one was ice-cream so we took the under-path exit from Sea Life and we were pretty much back onto the pier. We climbed the stairs to the pier and quickly climbed back down… We’d noticed that the price of ice-cream literally doubled after hitting the pier, we grabbed our ice-cream from a little stall underneath the pier. Back up the stairs, we began walking over Brightons’ waters. Although we’ve walked the longest pier that there is to walk, we were soon sat on a bench enjoying a cold drink and browning ourselves a little more! Becoming 21 is a big thing and of course we wanted to celebrate it maturely so we jammed into the amusements and arcades at the first chance!

Finding our first machine to defeat we dropped 2p after 2p until we got our prize, an addition to my endless meerkat collection! 1 down, 2 to go. We weren’t leaving now, not until there was a victory! Dropping all 3, we were satisfied we could move on to the next victim. Abi and I always end up splitting up and flanking the machines (not that we’re experienced!) so we flanked the machines and began spending our pocket change in the best way known to man! We soon spent up and carried on around the top end of the pier and began making our way back towards the beach.

Typically on a day to the seaside there are a few things which are inevitable. For example, sun-burn, fish & chips, ice-cream, arcades… You get the drift. So the inevitable happened and we found ourselves in the rock shop. Buying ourselves 6 sticks and treating Mama D to 2, we were smitten. Finding a spot on the beach wasn’t hard, we perched ourselves down near the pier and had a few skimming battles across the waves. Abi and I were aware that Brighton beach isn’t actually a beach because I know that I need the bare minimum of sandy dirt between my toes to acknowledge it as a beach but hey, Brighton beach does pebbles… Lots and lots of pebbles! Admittedly, we were expecting it to be awful to lay on and relax but we were shocked at how comfy we ended up!

Eventually we gathered our things and decided we’d grab a drink before heading home to meet Abis’ friend Taylor for a meal, but something caught our eye passing the shops on the way back… More arcades. Damn things! After getting lost with time, we were rushed to get our train home, however making it just in time we looked at prices to stay the night. Although a place to stay in Brighton is cheap, we found a place for £20 a night and considered the idea, however after looking at rail prices, the cost of travel would’ve doubled so that answered our question. So with no overnight stay, we definitely didn’t get to experience the full adventure of Brighton but I know the nightlife would’ve been an absolute blast! We were sad to leave Brighton and will be looking to revisit so that we get to experience everything there is to offer but for one very special 21 year old, it was a very special day!

Tomorrow we head off to Malaga, Spain for a week! Stay tuned to see what we get up to!

Love, Elbitravels x


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