Flotation rotation and sinker slides; Aqualand

Throughout our holiday we knew that we’d get some admirable photos of the sunrise, happening to peer up on our side of the island right into where the sea met the sky, so we knew we were in for some beauty. However, Abi and I have never dealt well with the early bird malarkey so hitting the snooze repeatedly every 8 minutes from 6am to 7am wasn’t the greatest of starts! We’d planned to hit the road early grabbing the chance but resorted to grabbing the extra zeds and waking up to ‘restart’ the day at 9:30am. Hitting the breakfast bar and then taking a 40 minute walk over to Aqualand! The clue is in the name; we were adrenaline seeking again, this time via Malagas’ recently opened water park!

It wasn’t until we set off that we realised the walk there was all up-hill. Of course nothing compared to the stairs climbed up to Fort George or the steps of Notre Dame, however in empowering heat, it was a challenge… For Abi, it was the bane of her life; that goddamn mountain. We could see the tip of this distant mountain from our 5th floor hotel room, only to discover that we’d trekked to right underneath it to enjoy our day in the park! Jokes aside, we got to the gates to discover that the prices were 25 euros each and I believe they may have been cheaper to buy in advanced online, however we’d picked up a little discount voucher in a souvenir shop so used that to gain 4 euros off. Upon entry you’re required to pay 10 euros for a locker, 5 of which is deposited back once you’ve returned your key.

Elbi being Elbi, we’d brought only cash for entry of the crocodile park and the water park only to discover that obviously we would need a locker otherwise we’d be walking round in drip wet clothes all day. So after a little request into the bank of mum, we managed to pay contactless via my mobile phone (because we also failed to bring our cards)… Panic over, it was time to slip and slide!

The first ride we boarded was the rapids, low key expecting there to be a relaxation river where you’re kind of floating along, the rapids was as close as it got… Although quite soothing in the heat to be laid back in a rubber ring, it was hilarious flying down the slides throughout the ride, definitely hitting an 8 out of 10. Especially getting stuck and crashing into others who too were just enjoying the thrill of embracing the laughter! We then flew down the black hole which literally was pitch black from top to bottom until it threw you out at the end. Although catching a glimpse of the slide on our GoPro, I highly doubt the video shows much other than my hysterical scream… Our next move was the fly down the Anaconda!

For this ride we really didn’t know what to expect as it was literally two snakes side by side with heads that spat you out into a deep pool of water… Hell, we laid back and went for it! Definitely becoming a race to see who reached the end first, we were swimming to jump out and queue again before we knew it. Next up, throwing ourselves head first down slides in racing formation on top of mat. Why not? If I were to be bias, I’d say that I won the majority of these ‘ride races’ which we ended up having. I’m sure Abi would beg to differ. After climbing stair after stair, we decided it was time to grab some lunch and to relax in the wave pool.

Sharing some grub we spent the next hour bobbing in the waves throwing a tennis ball back and forth. We eventually gathered our things and carried on our adrenaline sesh. After walking from the wave pool, we discovered another corner of the park with a fearsome looking ride called Boomerang. Failing to convince Abi to join me on a double float, we agreed that I’d go alone and see whether or not she’d fancy it… Well, it was VERY scary. I saw a video recently which was a recording of a boy at a water park who was flown from one side of the ride to the other just through pure impact, unhurt but still over the barrier… If it could’ve gotten any closer to that video, it would have been that video! I literally flew into the air when I began the vertical drop. Once past that little bit, it was actually a decent thrill-seeking ride, however my first words after departing my float to Abi were “you would not have liked that!” I think that said it all… Next ride please! Something a little more laid back to sooth my now brewing nerves. Super Slalom it is!

As it began coming up to 5pm and with the park shutting at 6pm, we were reluctant to put an end to our fun, however the walk back would take us up to dinner time and we were shattered. Safe to say the crocodile park would have to be a return visit, however we did manage to get a sneak peek of it from the tower of a ride. We strolled back to our hotel and called it a day! We spent the rest of our evening relaxing on the balcony to our room drinking cocktails listening to the hotels live entertainment. Tomorrow, we head to BioParc – rated in the top 10 of things to do in Europe!

Elbitravels x


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