Hola, Luz de sol!

Travelling adventures always start with travel days… These are the times where you wish you didn’t love travelling as much as you do, especially for Abi because she hates travel days! This travel day however was a short one; from London Gatwick flying out to Malaga. 3 hours on a train, 3 hours on a plane and then sun, sea and sand. As this was my holiday choice for Abis’ birthday, I wanted everything in order and ready to go first thing in the morning, so why were we still packing at 11pm the night before we flew?!

Anywho, we were organised enough to make it to the airport, through security and boarded our flight with no issues. If you follow our blog closely, you’ll notice that we’re a little slack and do sometimes run into trouble. Not trouble trouble, but trouble enough to get us worried! Fortunately for us, this travel day was plain sailing! We arrived at our hotel at approximately 10pm Spanish local time and were able to grab our dinner (included in our all-inclusive package). As this was a birthday present, everything needed to be perfect so we didn’t mess around saving money for the luxuries of eating-out and expensive souvenirs for others… We brought 150 euros spending money and all our food and drink is included within our package. Although all-inclusive is a luxury within itself, it is very easy to find late deals at very good prices. If you’re willing to pay a little extra to add your transfer to and from your hotel, you have everything you need within that price and don’t need to save the extra money to take with you. This in mind, we decided to pay the bulk upfront and forget the savings for this trip.

After our first night in Malaga, we woke up early doors to watch the sunrise. From our hotel the beach is literally across the road and makes such a great spot for catching the early rays. We came back for breakfast and ventured back over to the beach to fit in some tanning time! Of course we love to tan! After spending a few hours on the beach, we quickly realised how hot it actually was, hitting 30 degrees on our first day, it’s safe to say that I was redder than a lobster. I was burnt to a crisp. Fancy spending 6 weeks in the Caribbean and not burning once, but 1 day in Spain and I can’t hack it! We came back to our hotel for some well needed beverages and a dip in pool, we did attempt the sea but like always, it was WAY too cold so we gave that a little toe dip instead.

Shortly after our little splash, we ventured along the beach to see what was in our surrounding area. We learnt that there is a water park nearby, Aqualand, so we added that to our to-do list and decided we’d head there for the day tomorrow. We didn’t spend too much time out as the heat was awful to be walking in, so back to the pool for a cool down. Temperatures dropped and we were back in our hotel room for a well-needed siesta! Waking up to the kids club music was a deafening surprise but nonetheless, that meant it was nearly lunch time! If there’s anything which Abi loves whilst we’re holiday, it’s the amount of cake she gets away with eating! We wolfed down our lunch and then made a pit-stop at the reception of our hotel to enquire about excursions as we are little adventurers and Aqualand wasn’t the only experience we wanted to get whilst we were here.

After spending our afternoon lathered in sun-cream at the beach, we went to a few shops to add to our postcard collection. It wasn’t long before the sun had begun setting and we were back in our hotel eating Japanese food for their themed night. We spent the rest of the evening listening to live music courtesy of the hotel and a few comical acts on the karaoke. Off to bed for our adventures in Aqualand tomorrow!

Elbitravels x


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