Immerse yourself into the “wild”

Bioparc Fuengirola is among the best zoo’s in Europe. It stands out for its architectural design, that allows the environment for both animals and visitors to be plunged into the animals’ native habitat. In relation to the design, it is unlike any other zoo we’ve been to, the design alone was mesmerising let alone the happy and active animals within them.

This animal park is an “immersion” zoo, meaning it replicates how the animals would live in the wild. I believe others that have visited would agree that the animals here are among the most active and lively that we’ve seen. The enclosures are very spacious and caters for the individual animals’ needs. In many animal parks, you see the animals pacing up and down with shire bordem, whereas here, the animals were going about their day to day life – playing with one another and were busy engaging with their environment.

As you may know, Elle is obsessed with meerkats, so I had to break the news to her that unfortunately there weren’t any at this particular zoo. She was a little disheartened to say the least. (Little did she know, there were in fact, meerkats!!). We’re walking around the enclosures, and she just stopped in her tracks, looked me and straight faced said “you lied!” and burst into excitement! It was so funny to see her reaction, she was so in ore of these tiny creatures.

During our visit, we went to a little “show and tell” where the keepers taught us about some of their inhabitants. We got to touch some of the animals, watch them play and train. We learnt how to tell the difference in gender of a few animals, and got to see a bald eagle training and being rewarded with meat.

Admission to the zoo is reasonably priced for the experience you have, at 19€ per person. Excellent customer service and it is very cheap to buy photographs of your visit. A nice little reminder of your time here.

Until next time,

Elbitravels x


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