About Us

Hello and welcome to elbitravels! 

We are Elle & Abi, and we are a British couple who share the passion and dream to travel the world. We met in July 2014, and by June the following year it was clear that we both had a case of wanderlust after we returned from our first holiday together to Fuerteventura. Come September we were off on our first continuous travelling trip, and we went interrailing round Europe for 1 month and explored 13 countries. We are currently saving for another trip of a lifetime; we are going to the Caribbean for 4 and a half weeks over Christmas and New Years. We are going to Saint Lucia for 1 week and spending the remaining weeks in Grenada.

We’ve launched this blog to keep a record of our journey and to allow people to follow our adventures and see what we’re getting up to. Between planning/saving and actually travelling we’re eager to share our travel photographs, advice, costs and what we have learnt along the way.



13406837_1377051629032481_1681165111421345217_n Born and raised in Letchworth.

Loves designing tattoos, learning about mental health and planning trips away.

Hates that travelling isn’t free, that life revolves around money and good reviews on hostels that are the complete opposite. 

Dream travel is a round the world trip planned through StaTravel called The Bobby Dazzler. Visiting 17 countries across all continents, click here to view the itinerary.


Born and raised in Leeds. DSCN3625

Loves football, watching documentaries an
d eating.

Hates spiders, loud snorers whilst sharing a room with others and slackers.

Dream travel is Maldives, Mauritius or Bora Bora… Not to be too fussy.


Well, it’s a funny story really… We met accidentally on Twitter in June 2014, Elle had followed me as I had reblogged something she had too, and well, I followed her back because I wanted my follower count to be an even number. Not quite the “love at first sight” experience I expected!! The first time we met in person was in July, and Elle travelled 6 hours on the coach to come and meet me in London for a weekend. At this point I was still hiding snuggly in the closet and so told my mum that I was visiting Universities with friends and staying in a hotel for the weekend. When I got home, my mum already knew I had met Elle!! A few days after we went back home, whilst on FaceTime Elle popped the question, and that was it! It was official, we started dating on 28th July 2014 and this also marks the day that I came out!! Elle came to visit me for 2 weeks in August, and I remember this clear as day as if it was yesterday. Elle and I had walked to my favourite place, we were sitting there and Elle interrupted me with quite an abrupt question. She asked if she could move in with me?! My immediate reaction was complete surprise and I said no thinking she was joking. The conversation got serious pretty quick and it seemed like the best option, and so I asked my mum and much to my surprise her response was “When are you moving in then?” Just like that, a month later. There we were. Moving in together, and that’s how our story started.



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