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Holiday blues… 

So we haven’t blogged in a little while, obviously we have just arrived back from the Carribean which has given us major holiday blues considering the temperature for us has dropped by over 20 degrees! Also starting back at work after nearly 7 weeks is almost impossible. It’s safe to say reality has hit us…… Continue reading Holiday blues… 

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Knowing which choice is the best choice… 

Very recently Abi and I have begun discussing our options for 2017; considering that we were originally thinking a move to Europe would be a good shout. However following a conversation with a fellow traveller who we met September 2015 in Antwerp, we questioned whether or not we should head to South East Asia…  We…… Continue reading Knowing which choice is the best choice… 

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Discovering our doorstep paradise…

Spontaneously Abi woke up today wanting to go on an adventure; and for anyone who knows me knows that Abi gets what Abi wants! So bags packed we headed out unbeknown to where…  After walking through our usual town centre we ventured up past our workplace; I secretly believe that Abi knew she was leading…… Continue reading Discovering our doorstep paradise…

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Caribbean 2016: Hotel changes

As you know from our previous post, we have had to make a few changes and sacrifices to make this trip happen. The main reason for this is: money! Money seems to be the biggest obstacle that is standing between us and our dream holiday. Originally, we had booked 2 hotels; in Saint Lucia we reserved a…… Continue reading Caribbean 2016: Hotel changes

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Backpacking Europe; Advice.

As you know, Elle and I traveled around Europe for a month in September last year; we were lucky enough to explore 13 marvelous countries. As you can imagine there are many things that we wish we had done differently and other things we thought couldn’t have gone better. So; I am going to propose…… Continue reading Backpacking Europe; Advice.

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Berlin redeems itself.. 

Our first and only full day in Berlin was jam packed to say the least.. We knew that there were so much to see in Berlin so we aimed to cram everything in to one day.. We were definitely women on a mission! Up at 9am, we were out and on the move by 10..…… Continue reading Berlin redeems itself.. 

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Interrail; Reservations

Finally we have made all reservations for both our hostels/campsites and trains, with should I say less problems than we expected. The most major thing that we haven’t yet resolved would be that I noticed that I made a non-refundable booking at our hostel in Venice, to later realise that it was also booked for the…… Continue reading Interrail; Reservations