When in Hungary it is essential to visit the capital; Budapest – the city of spas. This place hivelived up to and exceeded our expectations. During our stay we stayed at an impressive hostel called The Hive Party Hostel, and it’s exactly what you would expect. The beds made you feel as though you were sleeping in a hive, with the hexagon shaped bunk beds. Even the keys and lockers were hexagon shaped. Vibrant black and yellow stripes throughout the establishment. The roof top terrace circled the central courtyard where the bar is situated. Great location to meet and make new friends. This place definitely makes you feel the buzzfooood

On our first day we went out for a meal to a place called Soul Food, which is a Caribbean restaurant which had recently opened. It was such a beautiful meal, I urge anyone who is going to Budapest to seek out this restaurant and make it a priority to go to! Here is the website to see what delights you can devour.

When we got back to our hostel, we booked tickets to go on a river boat party for that evening. It didn’t start until 10pm, so we decided to have a power nap before we started to get ready. Once we were ready we decided to head to the bar downstairs for predrinks before we set off. The bar sold good quality alcohol for a good price! A pint of lager and a cider was 1100 HUF whimg_1003ich is the equivalent to £3!!

We arrived at the docks early, but the queues were soon heaving with people ready to party the night away. Thankfully for us we were early and first on, because you couldn’t even see the end of the queue! As we boarded, we received a free bottle of champagne each which was complimentary with the ticket we had purchased. We had an absolute blast, and we made so many new friends. We even met someone from my hometown – Hertfordshire. What a small world that it is! Whilst you’re travelling it is so easy to make friends because you have such a major thiIMG_3039ng in common, you can exchange so many memories and stories in return a life long friendship. Whilst on the boat party, we had absolutely marvelous views of The Hungarian Parliament Building. Lit up in the darkness, it was such a breathtaking moment. My only wish was that we went to see it during the day.

Our second day in Budapest had been planned start to finish by Elle, who had an unforgettable day planned for me. I had no idea what the plans were for the day and I had to follow Elle’s lead. Around 10am we left the hostel and got breakfast at McDonald’s which was on our way to the ‘destination’. It was about a 20 minute walk until we got to DSCN3918.JPGHeroes Square which is a landmark in Budapest, it was absolutely beautiful to see at night. We only stopped here for a few minutes to take photos, then we were on our way. I saw a sign for the Budapest zoo, and just like in every other country I was pleading Elle to go to it, but as usual she said that we couldn’t go because of money and she had plans! I understood why we couldn’t go, and carried on walking down this long road. Then Elle told me to close my eyes whilst she guided me the rest of the way. When I opened my eyes, and realized where we were I actually started to cry! I was so overwhelmed!! We were going to the zoo! The admission tickets are 2500 HUF which is about £7 per person. The zoo was amazing, there were so many animals that I hadn’t

heard of or seen in real life before. It was a spectacular experience, and I would definitely recommend to go here if you’re ever in Budapest. The website is here if you want to check it out. We were there for a good few hours, until about 5pm. We had seen everything in the zoo, there was even an underground aquarium area which I thought was great!

After the zoo, Elle had planned for us to go the thermal baths which I was really excited to IMG_3070go to. Considering Budapest is known as the city of spas it was essential that we went to one. We were lucky enough to go to the biggest, most popular one in the city. It is called Szechenyi Bath and if you want to check out the website click hereThere are many thermal baths within this establishment ranging in temperatures. There were the main ones outside, but there was also a few inside as well as a steam room and a sauna. In the outdoor thermal bath there was even a whirlpool in the middle. This establishment is faultless. Overall, it was an amazing day which was completely unforgettable. I can’t thank Elle enough for planning the day and making it so memorable.

Budapest, you were great to us and provided us with great memories and life long friends. We shall visit again in the future, until then stay good to your visitors and keep doing what you’re doing!