Elle and I moved to Leeds on October 1st 2015, we had originally moved in with her family but after a few months we decided it was time for us to take the next step and move into our own place together. With that being said, we moved into our own flat on April 6th of this year. Little did we know how expensive it was actually going to be. Bills and rent alone cost nearly £1o00 a month. After a few months, we realised it was the best decision to move in with my mum back in Letchworth so that we could actually save money for our upcoming travels.

screen-2_Leeds is a big city filled with culture and fun things to do, there were endless opportunities. My favourite thing to do whilst in Leeds was definitely visiting the Everyman Cinema, it isn’t just any cinema. It is a cinema filled with comfortable sofa’s for you to sit back, relax and watch the movie with brilliant surround sound. Not to forget the waiting service, food and drinks can be delivered to right to your seat. So, instead of going to the movies then for a meal, why not mix them together and visit Everyman? I would definitely recommend it.

Another personal favourite would be visiting Tropical World, which is similar to a small IMG_4103petting zoo. The meerkats are one of the most popular attractions; with their 360° enclosure means that you can get close up and see them playing and digging. There is a small aquatic area with plenty of different fishes ranging in all sizes. The colourful birds roam freely in the enclosure which enhances your experience. Admission is cheap and cheerful, £2.50 for children and £5 for adults.

About 5 minutes from our flat was 175 acres of land, formerly known as Adel Woods. For me, this was my happy place. Elle and I have so many memories in these woods. The scenery is absolutely beautiful, ranging for crystal clear streams to abandoned train tracks. I don’t think I can even say that I’ve explored half of these woods! One of the main places we frequently visited goes by the name of “Devil’s rock”. The myth is that many many years ago, a cult would meet up during the night and worship the devil, it is believed that they would make sacrifices. The other most frequently visited location was the seven arches aqueduct. The seven arches was built in 1840 but was only used for 24 years, although it is now abandoned it is a very popular tourist spot.


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IMG_4991Depending which way you walk through the woods you can end up at Meanwood Park or the abandoned village of Eastmoor. Meanwood Park is smaller than Adel Woods (72 acres) but it is just as beautiful. I’ve only been once before, but I really enjoyed myself and it was a great walk with plenty to see. There are small waterfalls, clear streams and big walking fields. A great day out for all the family. In contrast to Meanwood Park is the eerie abandoned village called Eastmoor. I’ve been a few times, and the last time I visited was quite disappointing. The only thing left of the abandoned village is the church. The rest of the village has been demolished and reconstructed into a secure unit for child criminals.