IMG_1209Yes, you guessed it. We explored the most famous city in the Netherlands – Amsterdam. Amsterdam is famous for its sizable system of canals, its Red Light District and its marijuana-dispensing coffee shops. It is known as a tolerant, progressive city with a diverse culture and an active nightlife.

Well, our experience here definitely started out with a bang. An argument I mean, not between us. But with the receptionist at the hostel we were staying at. They had got our booking wrong, even though we had verified it with another worker via email. We had booked for 4 nights, for a certain price. But, when we got there we were told it was more than previously stated. 90 euros more, to exact. This was the last place we were visiting on our travels, so as you can imagine at this point we didn’t have any ‘spare’ money and there was no one we could have borrowed money off. We had to compromise, and settle for 3 nights at the agreed price of 4 nights. For our final night we knew we had to sleep at the airport which was a dreaded thought.

Due to the stressful start, we thought it was a great time to head off to a coffeeshop for ourDSCN4406.JPG first experience. We found ourselves at the Rookies coffeeshop which was on the same road as our hostel. We were ID’d upon arrival, and with approval we began looking at the menu. Amazing, a menu of different types of cannabis, rated by the strength and flavour. We went with the house special – Rookies. We bought 1 gram, and surprisingly enough it was only 7 euros!! We went through to a seperate ventilated room, which was partially occupied by other visitors that were getting high. We spent around an hour in the coffeeshop until the munchies started kicking in, and we agreed it was time to venture out on a food hunt. Thankfully for us, the road we were on had limitless options for food. All meals 5 euros each, what more could you ask for? We settled for chinese, which went down a treat.

IMG_1209Day 2 consisted of visiting the iconic Iamsterdam sign, which was hectic and overly crowded with tourists and students out on a trip. However, fortunately we were able to take a few photographs with minimal people present. There wasn’t much more to do around the monument, so we were only there a few minutes before we headed off to our next destination. Vondelpark is the largest city park in Amsterdam, and certainly the most famous park in the Netherlands, which welcomes about 10 million visitors every year. Vondelpark is in the south of Leidseplein and just a few minutes walk from our hotel. The park is loved by locals as well as tourists, and is constantly full of people. We took a stroll around and were pleasantly surprised by all the beautiful spots there were to lounge. We found a comfy img_1189spot next to the river where we were badgered consistently by a group of hungry birds. Mind you, the birds were pretty and fairly harmless, so we were too bothered by them. Next stop; The Bulldog Havri. Another coffeeshop. Definitely aimed for young tourists. Upon looking at the menu we opted for Bubblegum which had the star rating of 3 for strength. It cost 12 euros for 1.2 grams. Now, this is where the funny story begins. Due to mixing two different
types of cannabis together, Abi nearly threw a whitey! The ventilation in this coffeeshop was non-existent so it was hot-boxed as well! It is an experience which we can look back on and have a good laugh at! Although at the time, I presume that Abi was probably shaken up!

The next day we had the pleasure of meeting Sean, a nice american guy who was travelling solo. We took him to The Rookies coffeeshop where we managed to bond over a joint and smoked our first pure joint together.. We were definitely stoned but it was a brilliant experience! We returned to Vondelpark for the evening and managed to get some dscn4355gorgeous pictures of the sunset against the lake.

Day 4, our last day in Dam. What an eventful day!! Check out was at 11am, which meant we were essentially homeless until we reached our home back in Leeds the next day. As mentioned previously, we had no funds to stay the last night!! Our day consisted of smoking joints bouncing back and forth between Vondelpark and coffeeshops. We had just under 1 gram of cannabis left, that we had to smoke before we got to the airport! Let’s just say, by the time we reached the airport in the evening, we were on cloud 9. We weren’t there for long when the reality of sleeping on the stone cold airport floor. The next 10 hours dragged ever so slowly. Thank the lord when the alarm went off, almost time to board the plane!!

Thank you Amsterdam, it was great – You will see us again!!