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Holiday blues… 

So we haven’t blogged in a little while, obviously we have just arrived back from the Carribean which has given us major holiday blues considering the temperature for us has dropped by over 20 degrees! Also starting back at work after nearly 7 weeks is almost impossible. It’s safe to say reality has hit us…… Continue reading Holiday blues… 


A trip to the capital

Saint George’s – the capital of Grenada. Vibrant coloured houses, bustling streets with hustling locals right on the seafront. December and January is high season for Caribbean islands, and the city is flooded with tourists from the cruise ship that had arrived earlier. St George’s is only a 15 minute bus journey from our hotel…… Continue reading A trip to the capital


Unconventional Caribbean Christmas

Being people that live in England, you automatically associate Christmas with long cold, dark nights spent surrounded by your family with the hope of snow. Snuggled on the sofa in your warm pyjamas that you got to open on Christmas Eve, and continuously stuffing your face on the food that has been sitting in the…… Continue reading Unconventional Caribbean Christmas