/sləˈviː.ni.ə/ the pronounciation of Slovenia, considering this entire time Elle and I have been pronouncing it wrong. During our time in Slovenia, we stayed in the the most beautiful location; Bled. The most picturesque area we stayed in throughout our time of Interrailing. It really does look like a town from a fairytale. As soon as we got off the train in Lesce-Bled, walked around the corner we endured the breathtaking views of the lake from a birds eye view. Absolutely astonishing.

Once we dropped off our bags and got changed for the weather at the hostel, we had the rest of the day to roam and explore our new surroundings. The first thing we endured, and possibly the main thing we were excited for was renting a boat. 10€ for the hour, which is reasonable.

It is so much harder to row a boat than what you’d expect, especially if it’s your first time. I must say, we definitely did get frustrated and stressed out with each other. We were stuck in the middle of the lake for a good 5 minutes, before we realised opposite coordination was the key. I should probably add that neither of us are good at this…

The next day the weather was torrential rain with a little more rain; so we’d decided to spend the day catching up on much needed rest. But after talking to Brandt and Will, we all decided to take a hike up to Vintgar Gorge. On a usual sunny day, the Gorge is like something out of a fairytale but with the weather as it was, it was more like a horror movie! Nonetheless, it was amazing! Definitely an experience! We were more than happy to get absolutely drenched and see the national park at its best.

I say best because I truly believe the atmosphere, weather and company made it remarkable! We got to drink naturally purified water, eat freshly grown apples and grapes and even managed to reenact some scenes from The Walking Dead!

We honestly thought that the weather would’ve killed our vibe but it did the exact opposite! It made the journey! It was brilliant to not care and just lavish Slovenias’ beauty. We got back to the hostel and spent over half an hour finding places to dry out our clothes!  

Day 4 in Slovenia, we decided to climb a mountain to see the viewpoint of the lake. We knew that not packing our hiking boots was a huge mistake! After slipping and sliding over rocks as we tackled Ojstrica, we eventually came to the summit and as you turn your head, you really do witness natural beauty; Lake Bled.. What more can be said..

 The view is spectacular. You see mountains near and far, the whole lake from a birds-eye view and get a real sense of being on top of the world. These moments of accomplishment and satisfaction are what travelling is all about. Slovenia, you have done yourself proud!



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